Learn how your particular archetypes govern your inner world and bring powerful energies into your life that shape your destiny.

Let’s talk about archetypes and story…

Archetypes are the architects of story and story is the powerful vehicle we collectively call the human experience… And these personal and cultural stories, which we collectively call the human experience are extremely powerful.

The truth is we can’t really understand the complexity of our human experience without story. Storytelling is, in fact, the origins of humankind’s Social and Spiritual Development.

The Living Attributes Typology is a leading edge tool, grounded in storytelling wisdom that enhances human potential. It takes you from the transition phase to transformation and onto self-empowerment. Living Attributes helps you access your creative potential so you can live a larger story and is your personal key to the world of archetypes. 

My role as a concept brand expert is to take you through a step-by-step process that identifies and aligns you with your valuable story and life purpose.


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