Social Change Network For Women On Purpose


The MISSION of Unite Your Light WOMEN…

Is to awaken in women an inner authority through social and spiritual development, which builds clarity about their personal brand and their part in the wellbeing of our planet.

Unite Your Light WOMEN celebrates life through unity-based principles. The group’s connectivity, resonance, enthusiasm, creativity, and collaboration form a true unity in the community.

The VALUES of Unite Your Light WOMEN…

• We connect face to face, heart to heart, spirit to spirit and vocation to vocation.
• My responsibility to you is to be me.
• Together we can ‘correct and transform’ our world toward true Prosperity.
• The universal law of attraction guides us to – What it is we want to GIVE. 

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The ACTION of Unite Your Light WOMEN…

Is to meet regularly and form Unite Your Light Stella Teams for the purpose of creating Social Change Projects at a grassroots level or globally.

Unite Your Light WOMEN – Is where women contribute their gifts to support a cause or social change project/business and in turn recognize their life purpose.

If you are interested in joining this social change movement for women please message me in the comments below.

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Founder – Elizabeth Ellames

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