Women Uniting To Create Social Change

Let’s Change The Story Of Adversity To One Of Prosperity For All

What’s Your Leadership Style?


Come and find out your leadership style; where you shine and where you need support.

We have three great projects from three great organizations you can get involved with straight away.

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PROJECT #1 Belonging Village

Creating ideas, concepts, and strategies as a social business, for the purpose of social sustainability, like in a village. – Here is one example; Designing and making fabric shopping bags as a small social business, which will directly help to stop the use of plastic bags.

Women’s Community Centre – Their mission is to nurture resilience in women. To this end, they aim to continue to provide a safe and supportive environment and offer a diverse range of services and activities and respond to the identified needs and strengths of women. www.wccsa.asn.au


PROJECT #2 Exhibition: The Art of Being Human

The Artists: Emerging and current artists using the services of Hutt St Centre, Catherine House and MOSH (Minimisation of Suicide Harm) plus two professional artists, one of them well-known sculptor Scott Eames.

The Purpose: to give artists using the services the opportunity to display and sell their art in a gallery and to be valued as an artist and an individual, helping in the healing process.

The Idea: To have a gallery somewhere in/around the city centre where we will have an opening night, display the art for a month and then have an auction at the end for some of the major pieces, while other pieces can be sold through the month (but remain on display).

The Virtual Gallery: there is an offer of a Virtual Gallery being created for the exhibition which can then be used ongoing to promote, display and sell art for artists and emerging artists using the services.

The Money: 80% of the sale will go to the artist with the remainder being divided between the three services.

Teaspoons of Change – Their vision is to create a better world for people and the planet knowing that small actions, multiplied by lots of people, equals BIG change! They do this by activating and aligning business, education, government and community with the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, to end extreme poverty, reduce inequality and protect our planet. www.teaspoonsofchange.org


PROJECT #3 Yellow Ribbon

A symbol that is recognised as a place or a person that women can go to if they are experiencing, or potentially experiencing, homelessness and need help, support, advice or simply a friend. To create a network of women who offer their expertise and experience to help our sisters in need.

HerStory SA – A South Australian movement created by Genevieve, Lady Mayoress to share the untold stories of women in South Australia who have been left out of the history books, to tap into the strength of these women and re-ignite their pioneering spirit into our time so that we can continue to lead the way as a pioneering state and pioneering women, bold, brave, intelligent, creative… www.facebook.com/pg/HerStorySA/

Do you have a great idea you want to share?

You may already have an amazing social change idea or cause that you want to get moving on and that’s great, come along and learn more about how to stay connected to a higher resonance, which will help you and your team to achieve your desired outcome.



Supporting Partners – 


Founder – Elizabeth Ellames 2011


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Elizabeth Ellames

Self Development and Purpose-Based Branding Consultant

Elizabeth’s role as a Purpose-Based Branding Consultant and the author of Living Attributes Typology is to support women in personal and career transition gain clarity and purpose about the next meaningful chapter of their life.

Elizabeth has an extensive skill base crossing; Brand Identity, Pattern Recognition, Narrative Development, Self Development, Visionary Leadership and Social Synergy, and loves creating dynamic cultures that support business and community.

With a career spanning over 30 years in the world of personal development and as a transformation specialist, combined with studying film for three years. Elizabeth has applied this body of knowledge to become an expert in the field of archetypes, narrative, and purpose-based branding for personal, career and business development.

Women Uniting To Create Social Change

Let’s Change The Story Of Adversity To One Of Prosperity For All - To make that dream a reality, it will take ALL of us coming together in different ways, to learn and teach the benefits of UNITY – Each participant pays $20.00 a month to attend.


Email: elizabeth.ellames@ozemail.com.au

Tel: 040 330 9696

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