Your story informs your purpose…

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Ellames 

My past taught me well… I had come face to face with the torment of ugliness so I could know true beauty, I had been subject to the pain of lack, so I could be filled with the joy of prosperity and I had experienced relentless anguish so I could embrace the perfection of hope and glory.

And the valuable boon I brought back to my community came in the form of my own living attributes. I was unquestionably the Change Agent and the Cultivator of my own life who had affectionately created an empowerment tool that helped women to ignite and unite their light and the light of others.


In 2006 I started formulating every piece of information I had ever received through my many spiritual downloads while in meditation. And attentively formed a Typology with the information… there was no planning, I was just ready, willing and available to ride the wave of creative forces every time they arrived, but this wasn’t new it was like revisiting my youth really because surrendering to that level of creativity, was in fact, my favorite thing to do.

I called the typology Living Attributes, which was created as a tool that supports women who are in a personal or career transition to create the next meaningful chapter of their life. I designed it from my collective knowledge of storytelling, attributes, archetypes, and angelic forces. I created a practical tool that helped women identify their gifts and define their purpose.

It wasn’t long before I was inspired again, which I often call “in-spirited”, to form a Temple for women, which I called Temple de Lumiere; a spiritual community for women on purpose. A place for women to come and replenish their spirit. It took three years to find a suitable venue, but in May 2011 Temple de Lumiere was born.

That year I also invited my larger network to form a pro-active community and participate in creating a global event titled; Rise Up – Birthing A New Humanity.

This is how the Unite Your Light WOMEN community was created. It promoted unity-based principles like social synergy, collaboration, coherence, co-creation all for the purpose of growing a new humanity. This community was different to your usual women’s group because members were intentionally working with the unified field of consciousness. A concept that was indeed not common practice to most people.

I encouraged the women to correct and transform the old behavior that women had become a custom to. This new community asked women to rise above the usual women behaving badly syndrome.

  • Like the old divide and conquer tactic; by splitting a group through malicious or idle gossip.
  • Overt and covert displays of suffering, constant complaining, comparing & judging of others.
  • Sometimes it’s in the form of subtle belittling of a person’s abilities or personal appearance.
  • And the underhanded seduction of another’s partner, friends, or family.

My message was clear – This poor behavior all stems from one thing CONTROL. Women had played out these unhealthy scenarios for centuries; it served a need to control others, their environment, and situations in order to maintain their status or popular position in a family or social group. I shared over and over that women did it to survive, but they don’t have to do it anymore. And why don’t they? Because they are free, the women who came before us fought for that freedom and now it is time to live it.

My heartfelt invitation was to inspire others to replace these old ways of being with new social change systems that serve the whole. These groups also focused on different ways of co-creating resonance through the practice of trust and truth.

I had a new mantra for women; Shoulder-to-Shoulder, Eye-to-Eye, Heart to Heart and Spirit-to-Spirit.


14184471_10210374361136685_4148202023590540291_n 2

 After repeated episodes of emotional, physical and sexual abuse, my mother and I left my father… I was only 4 years old. We went to live with my very generous and loving grandparents for a few years, who thankfully provided a stable and healing environment for my mother and me.

Eventually, I overcome the emotional pain and anxiety that had grown out of the dysfunction and dissolve of my first family. I experienced first hand the deeply damaging effects of repeated substance abuse by my father and then later by my beloved mother. My journey with my mother was extremely challenging at times, but there was a profound bond we had between us ‘LOVE’, which would always shine through and miraculously hold our relationship together. My mother has now passed over, but I know that profound bond between us will always live on because we are connected spirit to spirit. 

I had to overcome violence and violation more than once in my life and was fully committed to maintaining the purity of my spirit. I was now ready to unite my victorious light with other women who were also ready, willing and available to do the same. 

I discovered that we all want to be alive with our PURPOSE in life. And it is only through the freeing of our story, our spirit and then living our attributes that we can truly contribute to the betterment of our world. I now know that Spirit has and will always be the living proof of the absolute Truth. And you know the phrase “The truth will set you free”… We may not always know if we are being told a lie, but we do instinctively know when we are experiencing the Truth. And the connection to Spirit is our key indicator.

  • SPIRIT is what I am always looking for… I want to reconnect with my spirit through a feeling or an exceptional experience – I want to have an emotional response, which connects me to what really matters in my life.
  • SPIRIT is my creative, enthusiastic, unadulterated innocence and vital potential that wants to express its self fully in the world.
  • SPIRIT is what forms my light and creates my ability to overcome my suffering and conflict. It surrenders me to the forces of creation, which organically increase my presence; my light.

I am rightfully humbled by my spirit’s connection to source and I’m grateful for its profound ability to connect and create unity. In the acceptance and openness to my spirit, I begin to shine so brightly that I light the way for others to do the same. Telling my true story of WHO I am, WHAT I stand for and WHY I stand for it are very important to me…

Because HOW I contribute and add value to people’s lives, my community, and the world, is what grows my own humanity toward the prosperity I want to see, feel and live. But it’s my Generosity Of Spirit that truly defines my life as valuable, my career as worthy, and my business, or services as exceptional. My Spirit is my Compass and my Commander.

I will also add it wasn’t just my ‘passion for purpose’ that has kept me going, it’s also been my deep connection to the purpose of ‘story’ – its profound significance in the development and the survival of humanity … intellectually, socially and spiritually. I studied film in the mid 90’s for three years, which gave me an understanding of storytelling in the modern world. Plus the FILM industry, in my view, is the most well-orchestrated model of how ‘creatives’ and ‘business people’ can work together – because it demonstrates great teamwork and the power of a collective vision. And the reason why it works so well is – ‘Clearly defined roles that don’t cross over and the brand of the movie is always archetype based’. This is where I have gained knowledge for the work that I love to do, which is empowering men and women through defining the value of their own Purpose-Based Brand and creating videos/film for Social Impact.

And my motivation to be on the team at the NOW Leadership Inc. was born out of my Unite Your Light WOMEN experience. It was the next obvious step for me. I’ve always had this very strong impulse to create social change and then build a purpose-driven culture for the community who are drawn to that social change. Plus I have this burning desire to create a New Style of Leadership, which is fuelled by social and spiritual values, I believe people are genuinely ready to make that necessary shift, and that time is NOW.

Thank you for reading my story, Elizabeth Ellames

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