New Development at Temple de Lumiere

Hi there Temple dwellers and potential dwellers, we have something new happening at Temple this year. Our gatherings now consist of Meditation and Lessons. Hope to see you there soon.

Elizabeth Ellames is a passionate spiritual artisan and visionary. Her unique ability to recognize an individual’s attributes and God-Given gifts is indeed exceptional. A career spanning over 20 years has given her extensive and valuable experience in the world of personal and spiritual development. She has turned what she loves into a self- actualizing art form; Elizabeth has innovatively and attentively created a personal and spiritual tool called Living Attributes, which is an effective method of respectfully uncovering the beauty and potential of ones true spiritual nature and purpose. Elizabeth has now extended her talents and service to the community by offering this free monthly women’s event.

What to expect –

  • GROUP MEDITATION – The first part of the morning Elizabeth takes the group through the LivingAttributes meditation practice. Moving up ward through all four realms (physical,emotional,spiritual,celestial) till we reach our sacred temple. This is where you have the opportunity to experience total stillness, fully connect with your light body and receive any spiritual guidance you may need.
  • LESSON in the LIGHT – The second half will be facilitated by Elizabeth and one of the temple women who have had their LivingAttributes Cornerstones activated (archetypes,attributes,animal wisdom) and have been actively working with the LivingAttributes system for a period of time. Each lesson will reflect the particular attributes and archetypes for that month. Plus insights and distinctions that give clarity and purpose to this comprehensive and creative body of work. Topics that will be covered are; Light and Shadow Attributes, Adopted Archetypes, Creativity, Transforming Light, Pathways of Light, Animal Wisdom, Realms of Consciousness, Ancestors, Iconic Influence, The Nature of GOD, The Importance of Ceremony.

Now more than ever before we as women are being called to activate our life’s true purpose. We are being asked from deep within our soul’s patterning to rise up from the past and take heed to a call of action, which is infused with an intense need to make a difference. Women have been the sustainers of life throughout time. They have been the mothers and nurturers of life.

That has now shifted from the stereotype of maternal/caregiver of the past to a more active role in our society. Fighting for our equality has aided in our progress but it is now time to really use that equality to fully stand up and stand strong in what it is we know how to do best and that is to ‘sustain life’. The time has come for our amazing inner power, to be heard, be ready and be willing to give birth to a new world.

How do we do that? We first have to feel that life force, that spark of light within us. Then allow it to grow, nourish it and acknowledge that it is a gift of Creation. We do it with true confidence, knowing we have infused it with our passion, our hope, our love and our devotion.

Our Mother Earth has been patient with her children – she has been waiting till we, as women were of spiritual maturity and strength. There is no more time for why or when; the time is now to take action on how to live your full spiritual purpose.

Women all over the world are waking up to their call to action and only together can we build a vibrant new future for the generations to come. Come and join in the greatest story in the history of our Earth and contribute your greatest gift, your Divine Heart.

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