Temple Festivals

JANUARY – The Festival of the ANIMAL KINGDOM  – In January along with the Queen archetype and attribute of Strength, we also celebrate the Festival of the Animal Kingdom. The Physical Realm is home to the Animal Kingdom who are indeed one of our most valuable and generous connections. When we intimately connect with these wonderful life forms, we will often find companionship, instinctual insights and an unconditional love like no other. We can also receive healing, protection and remarkably clear guidance from these earthly creatures. They offer us an unassuming and authentic guidance in the Physical Realm – they may come in the form of a pet, wild life or even a totem animal that you elect or perhaps they may elect you as a companion in this lifetime. Whichever way you choose to connect and relate to these members of the animal kingdom, be sure, their message will always be a direct and genuine one. 

MAY – The Festival of STORY TELLING – In May along with the archetype of the Teacher and the attribute of Expression, we also celebrate the Festival of Story Telling. The Emotional Realm is the home of the Archetypes –They are the universal and symbolic characters that teach us about life and ourselves. Archetypes are the architects of life. There are literally hundreds of archetypes that have been our teachers through the medium of story telling for centuries. They live in the domain of fairy tales, mythology, theatre and now film. Through the process of understanding your own personal story you are able to recognise your personal archetypes. And by using this process of identifying with your archetypes and their attributes you are able to gain a deeper understanding of who you are as a conscious and expanding individual. They are our devoted guides in the Emotional Realm. 

AUGUST – The Festival of the ANCESTORS – In August we celebrate the archetype of the Divine Child and the attribute of Loving, along with the Festival of the Ancestors. The Spiritual Realm is home to our beloved Ancestors – They are our treasured and respected family members who have passed on to us their incredible gifts and talents. Our connection to our Ancestors comes directly through our higher heart connection. We can be eternally grateful to them for the level of consciousness and creativity we experience in this lifetime. Our revered and dearly loved Ancestors are also available for spiritual counsel through our dreams, meditations and prayers. It is a sacred and honourable act to perfect and soundly deliver the gifts that they passed on to you at birth. 

NOVEMBER  – The Festival of ANGELIC LIGHT – In November we celebrate the archetype of the Star and the attribute of Gratitude, along with the Festival of Angelic Light. The Celestial Realm is the heavenly habitat of our divine family, The Angels. – These gentle but powerful patterns of pure Light are our closest connection to The Divine Absolute. They are always available and responsive to our human needs. These glorious beings are de-lightful packages of God like energy. On request they render just enough celestial light, in accordance to the vibration of our human vessel. The Angels come into our life to bring LIGHT to a situation. They like to communicate to us through the divine rays of the Sun. Our responsibility to them and to the Creator is to become an altruistic being, an expression of love and light in motion and in doing so we begin to Ascend. The Angels teach us the true nature of Bestowal.        

DECEMBER – Christmas the Festival of the CHRIST LIGHT  – This is the most auspicious and illuminated event of the year. It is the opportunity to joyously celebrate a year of  ”correct and transform” This is a celebration of deep gratitude and heartfelt elation for the holy gift of the Christ Light.

All of the five Temple Festivals are also an invitation and opportunity for you to bring young girls and teens to join in the splendor.

Come join in the CELEBRATION !!


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