Supporting Women In Personal Or Career Transition To Create The Next Meaningful Chapter Of Their Life.

Working with the Living Attributes Typology takes you on a deep exploration of your “archetypical patterning” – where you access and engage with your creative potential and energy flow that is unique to you.Completing your Living Attributes Typology; Profiles the specific Archetypes for your personality and purpose – This typology singles out a number of key archetypes and their role in your life on four levels – Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Celestial (Life Purpose).

Some of the insights you will gain in this interactive, reflective and creative process:

  • A clear outline of the Living Attributes archetypes;
  • A detailed view of how these archetypes are working in your life at this time;
  • An overview of where you are placed on your archetypical journey;
  • Clear insights into your personal power and your shadow self;
  • Identify your “Brand Avatar” Archetypes that will direct your vocation in life.
  • Help with understanding your challenges, some of which might be particular to current situations and some which you might recognize as ongoing challenges;
  • Unpack your “limiting core beliefs” (this is not necessarily a ‘bad’ thing when viewed objectively);
  • Discover your life purpose and leadership style;

Learn how your particular archetypes govern your inner world and bring powerful energies into your life that shape your destiny.

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